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1. Application guidelines

We are a team of international students from all over the world, who are committed to help students to improve their Korean language skills through this program. We strive to help you to find a fun and easy way to learn and practice Korean by participating in our various and joyful classes and working together to improve our writing, speaking, reading and listening skills in Korean language.


We are looking for students who can contribute and help develop our program. We would love to hear all about your talents. If you have any skills (like Web Design, Animation, Creative Writing, Publishing, Video Editing, Photo Editing or other) and you also want to study Korean we will be glad if you join us.

Selection process

  • 1st round: Documents review.

  • 2nd round: Selected applicants will be contacted for an interview


  • Application Period: 2021-09-27(Mon) ~ 2021-10-04(Mon) 18:00 (GMT+9).

  • Interview and Announcement: We will contact you individually.

   * The schedule may be subject to change, depending on the circumstances

How to apply

Send the completed application form:

Inquiries:, 010-4889-2130(Text messages)

Payment of Club Fee: ₩10,000

2. Plan and program

Activity period

  • 2021.09.13 ~ 12.12


  • To create a place for students who want to improve their Korean skills in a fun and easy way


  • Be a platform where students can freely learn and practice the Korean language in an exciting, pressure-free way and have the pleasure of sharing knowledge and skills while they study with each other.

Online Classes

  • Beginner Korean: Absolute beginner to beginner welcome.

  • Drama Study: Beginner or Intermediate level of Korean language.

  • TOPIK Study: Students who have passed the TOPIK exam at least once.

  • Debate Study: Students who are able to debate in Korean.  All levels of Korean language are allowed.

Online Class Schedule
2021. 09. 13 ~ 12. 12

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