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A Personal Experience of Go Seong

Monday, September 12th 2022 has been recorded by many Korean culture fans in Central Java, especially for them who has enjoyed the Chuseok Day with SIPA (Solo International Performing Arts) 2022. It is a masterpiece global performance that features local artists and abroad. My favourite performance was from South Korea, called Go Seong Folksong. It is one of the best cultural heritage from Korea to reminisce the Thanksgiving by the inhabitants.

The History of Go Seong Folksong

In the 19th, Go Seong was performed at the first full moon day of the year to present the result of treading on the Earth Gods. There are performers who play percussion music troupe as they speak their lines and dance to music played by an ensemble consisting of a double-reed wind instrument (태평소), barrel drum (북), small gong (꽹과리) and large gong (징).

Go Seong was called 칠성 (Chilseong), a name related to ancient of Gaya kingdom that was known by its cultural creativity. Nowadays, Go Seong region become more active specifically in factories/ industry. It has a good tradition to be formed in many entertainment/ cultural shows in the context of heritage.

The Go Seong Show in Semarang

The show was held in Radjawali Cultural Center Semarang City, there were around 270 audiences watching the performance. It was started with the yellow flag written in Korean old alfabeth and the performers entered one by one with the percussion music background. The musical show consists many roles; monk, male and female farmers, etc. Each character represent the personality, the dialogue is delivered to express the humour and satire as well as the song lyrics. The dramatic scenarios are delivered with improvisation and dance movement.

The performance has included farmer scenes such as farming the fields, harvesting the crops, throwing the harvested grains. The performers were fantastically showing us the joy and happiness. It was obviously showed how grateful they are during the day. The performance was around an hour but the story and memory keep forever.

You can watch the full performance on Radjawali SCC YouTube channel.


Written and layout By: Etika Sukma Adiyanti

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