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A Walk Through Seounyudo Island Park (선유도공원)

Written by : Ash of the Bon Voyagers team

If you have been in South Korea for even as short as a month, you know when it comes to this country, the nature can be breathtaking. From the beautiful mountains to the ocean and beautiful parks all over the country. When it comes to Seoul in particular, there so many attractions for especially nature lovers.

I love nature, as an artist, I mostly find my inspiration in nature and South Korea’s pretty nature has been a solid foundation for my inspiration. My personal favorites are the parks due to their easy access and facilities.

Don’t get me wrong. I love going onto mountains, crossing my hands in sea, looking far into the night sky and speaking to the moon. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy or doesn’t feel a sense of relief or peace out in nature? However due to busy lifestyle, it’s not easy always to go hiking or spend a day by the ocean.

In Seoul there are many parks alongside Han River. A lot of foreigners are familiar with some famous parls like Yeouido Park, Tueksom resort part. But not many are familiar with Seounyudo Park. This pretty park is located along han river and is connected to through a bridge to a small beautiful island called Seounyudo island (선유도공원).

If you have been to Yeouido park and you liked there, then you will most definitely love seonuydo park. What I love about this park mostly is that there are less people, and more trees and a wider space. The island is also home to many human made gardens that a walk in them makes you feel like you are walking in your own garden beside a beautiful coffee shop that overlooks han river.

Whenever I can, I grab my coffee and just take a walk through the park and gardens in the island. It’s a perfect place especially for spring and fall when trees have different colors, so if you are looking for perfect location for photo shooting or just a pretty place to take some beautiful pictures while enjoying a cup of coffee and a good company by nature then Seounyudo park is your place.

So to get to the park, take line 9 and get off from Seounyudo station (선유도역) exit 2 and walk straight for five minutes to the park and enjoy your time.

Writing and photo credit: Ash

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