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Andong - Origin of the Mask Dance

Written by : Bon Voyagers

Andong, known as a center of culture and folk traditions, is a city in South Korea, and the capital of North Gyeongsang Province. The Hahoe Folk Village of Andong (안동하회마을) is the famous traditional village from the Joseon dynasty. The village is listed by the South Korean government with UNESCO as a World heritage site in 2010.

Every year in mid-October, the Andong Folk Festival is held and one of the most famous aspects of these cultural festivities is the Andong masks. Hahoe Mask Museum is located in There is a mask museum in Andong Hahoe Village, which also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not only Korean, but also many foreigners come to the festival to experience this folk festival

Hahoe Village (meaning “Village Enveloped by Water”) gets its name from Nakdonggang River, which flows around the town’s perimeter. The center of the village is populated by large tile-roofed houses, adding their own unique charm to the surrounding thatched roofs.

Located at the center of the village, it is a century-old tree. Locals and tourists always flock here to write their wishes on a long-thin piece of paper then tie it around the tree, hope it come true.

Another tourist spot in Andong is Woryeonggyo Bridge (월영교), the longest pedestrian-only bridge in South Korea. This long wooden bridge passing over the Nakdong River is a good sun set view in Andong. Woryeonggyo Bridge harbors a tragic yet beautiful legend about a wife who made a pair of mituri (hemp shoes) out of her hair in heartfelt yearning and condolence for her late husband. In commemoration of her pure and noble love, the bridge was designed in the style of mituri.

Andong has also famous local foods that originated in the city such as Andong jjimdak, Andong soju (a rice wine). Andong-jjimdak (안동찜닭) is cooked over high heat. It has less fat and can have various tastes by adding diverse ingredients according to recipe. Andong jjimdak and Andong soju are so famous that there is also a Jjimdak street, where all the restaurants serve Andong jjimdak and soju.

How to go to this beautiful place?

1. To go to Andong from Seoul, it should be better to take 고속 bus from Seoul Terminal to Andong Terminal.

2. To go to Andong from Busan, you should take 2 고속 buses, from Busan Terminal – Dong Daegu Terminal – Andong Terminal or you can take 2 trains, from Busan Station – Bucheon Station – Andong Station

If you love this Korean history and culture, please visit this place once. I can guarantee that you will love like I did....😍

Writing Credit: Hoang Manh Thang and Anni.

Photo Credit: Hoang Manh Thang.

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