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Apps & Sites Where You Can Read Stories

Have you been a bookworm this pandemic? Or perhaps, you have become a semi-bookworm who is very selective on their story of choice. Do you still have multiple books on your reading list left? Or maybe, you have run out of it? Do not attempt to leave this article, because it is specifically made for you.

Here below are apps & sites where you can read stories of multiple kinds:


This app covers almost every genre you can think of. From fiction to non-fiction, wattpad will not disappoint you. You can also use this app offline, wherein you can save up to 25 stories in your library that you may view without internet; while you can still save stories in you library that are only available when your back online. Small and starting writers are rampant in this platform so expect fresh and novel storylines when you use wattpad.


This app is a good choice for people who likes to read lengthy and adventurous kinds of plotline. You can easily find novels with 100 chapters and above in here. Since all the writers are almost all around the globe, you can locate works of novelty in no time. This also offers a wide array of stories in which you can choose from.

3. Dreame

This is a new emerging platform where you can read gripping stories, but it does not fall far behind the identical apps/websites. Multiple writers and readers are of positive opinion to this application because of its features that allows its user to fulfill their book loving dream. Try this app, and for sure you're in for a good stuff.

If you ever felt bored and stressed, relax some nerves by indulging yourself with these beautiful recreation platforms. For sure, you would be hooked to the stories they offer that may be worth your while.


Written and layout By: Calixto III Del Rosario

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