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Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을) : The Vestige of Korean Tradition

Written by : Bon Voyagers

In Seoul, you can not find many places where we can see the touch of tradition and culture. Bukchon hanok village is a place where you can feel the vibe of the Joseon dynasty. Once upon a time, only aristocrats lived in that village. It is situated between the Cheonggyechong stream and Jongno. About 900 hanok (a house with Korean traditional architecture) are in this village, which makes it one of the most visited tourist place in Seoul. Bon Voyagers' team members went there to show all of you through our lens.

Starting first with a beautiful illustration made by one of team member, Ash. This view is considered as the most popular view of Bukchon village.

You can buy handmade perfumes, fragrance oil, sachet, and gift to your dear one. Also, you can enjoy the view of a hanok......😍 (address: 19, Bukchon-ro 11-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea)

If you are a K-drama lover, especially Lee Min Ho's fan then there is good news for you. The "Personal taste" drama has shoot here in a house. Though in drama it has named "sangojae", but in real it is called "yeorangjae".😁 We had to face a problem to find it, as the color of the house has changed. Even the neighbors did not know about this shooting place. But you know, desperate people always find the way. As a dedicated fan of Lee Min ho oppa, it was a must-go place for me........😋

My teammates were not ready for this pictures.😝 But I liked this picture so much...full of affection...😍

Few hanoks have converted into cafes, shops, or museums. Among them, this cafe (Layered) has become famous because of its nice concept. You can enjoy English style bakery inside a hanok. It is really a hot place for dating or hangout with friends. (address: 2-3 Bukchon-ro 2-gil, Jae-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul).

That's all for today. Maybe you already went to bukchon village, but I hope this content will make you go there again. If you didn't visit yet, please go to this beautiful village this weekend.

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