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Common Internet Slangs and How to Use Them; Part 2

(This is aligned with the previous blog: Common Internet Slang. Try to check it out first, you might find it helpful to begin with.)

Hereunder are the following slangs that you might consider adding into your modernized vocabulary:

1. Dope

This refers to anything that you find excellently-done or superb. It may also be used synonymously with "fire/lit (in the first part)."

"My idols' comeback is dope!"

2. TBH

This stands for "To be honest."

"TBH, I don't really agree with your argument."

3. Troll

This is used to call internet people that regularly start strife or bedlams online; they usually are posers or fake accounts.

"You seem like a troll by acting like a warfreak on that twitter thread."

4. BBL

Simply put, it is an acronym for "Be back later." This can be employed when you are in the midst of talking to someone, and then something came up that warrants your immediate attention. "My mom ordered me to take out the trash. BBL."

5. BRB

Linking to slang no. 4, this is an acronym of "Be right back." "I'll be taking a shower first, BRB!"

6. TMI

An acronym of "Too much information." People use this when they overshare irrelevant things. "I ate tuna sandwich while in the car. Oops, that's TMI."


A shortened version of "In case you missed it."

"Do not overstay in that hotel you booked; they charged exorbitantly ICYMI."

8. IMO

This stands for "In my opinion."

"IMO, the presentation could have been better if they take it seriously."

9. LMK

An acronym of the phrase "Let me know." This means that you are asking someone to give you a heads-up or update of a certain thing that you are keeping watch on.

"When my name is called, LMK."

10. NBD

Lastly, this is an acronym of "No big deal." "Whether you did it or not, nothing had changed. NBD."

Just like the part one, may you still find this blog helpful in weathering yourself for an efficient and enjoyable internet experience. If you still find some words indiscernible, look out for the next part.


Written By: Calixto III Del Rosario

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