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Common Internet Slangs & How to Use Them: Part 3

This is aligned with the previous blog: Common Internet Slang (Part 1 & 2). Try to check it out first, you might find it helpful to begin with.

Use these following words to talk with your friends casually in a sassy, modernized way:


This stands for "Fixed that for you."

"I noticed some false informations in your post, I edited it. FTFY."

2. FTW

This is an acronym of "For the win." A sarcastic remark for exciting situations.

"You got high scores last exam, FTW."

3. HTH

This is used to as a shrinked term of "Happy to help."

"Just call me if you need anything else, HTH."

4. It me

An expression that is usually said by people who can relate to a certain issue, topic, or post to be specific.

"That meme is hilarious. It me."

5. Lowkey

It means that something or someone is chill or almost unnoticeable. Usually used to describe a person or thing that is so moderate that it does not stand-out.

"He's lowkey cringing on the drama that his classmates had."

6. On fleek

This is synonymous with on-point, whethee literal or figurative.

"Her eyebrows are on fleek."

7. Stan

A form of praise for someone or some particular thing to the point of becoming a fan or idolizing it.

"I stan what you did to that egocentric person."

Alike with part one and two, may you still find this blog helpful in talking to your friends, peers, and just anyone. If you still find some words indiscernible, turn your phone on and surf all your social media accounts. Experience is the best way to learn it.


Written and layout By: Calixto III Del Rosario

© 2022 Social Media Team, All rights reserved

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