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Daeboreum Great Full Moon Festival

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Jeongwol Daeboreum, or the "Incomparable Full Moon Celebration," can be followed back to the three realm and is commended on the fifteenth day of another lunar year. The festival, which began on Seollal and ends 15 days later with a series of rituals to celebrate unity and solidarity, was started. Korean mythology, medicine, and agriculture are the foundations of many of the traditional foods enjoyed during this time period. Despite the fact that Korea has progressed from a rural to a more modern culture, the celebration's customs are as yet rehearsed, with food and drink assuming a noticeable part.


Mornings of the celebration start with the drinking of Gwibalgisul and the separating of nuts. Gwibalgisul, or "ear honing alcohol" in English, is a chilled rice wine that individuals drink in a single shot. As the name proposes, the wine turns your ears red, which as indicated by legend, safeguards you from ear-related sicknesses like contamination or deafness.

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Furthermore, the beverage that the individual just hears uplifting news for that year.


Yakbap a snack made of rice, nuts, and dried fruit, is another dish consumed during the festival. As per Samgukyusa an assortment of legends, folktales, and verifiable records connected with the Three Realms Time frame, Yakbap was made by Lord Bicheo otherwise called Soji. The Lord's life was saved by a crow who cautioned him of a death endeavor by the Sovereign and her darling.

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To thank the crow, the Lord gave dark Yakbap as a gift on the fifteenth day of the lunar schedule.


Written by: Khadija Naveed

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