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Last time, I was showing you some famous spots to take photos with a beautiful sunset on the background. But, Korea wanderers focus mainly on places related to nature that not many people go. So, today I will take you to Mount.Dobong which is Bukhansan National park. You know the drill. It always starts with the end.

Nikki, a Korea Wanderer, my friend looking at Lotte Tower on top of Dobongsan.

This time, I will keep the post really short because the hike was very short as well. So, we started the hike at 2PM from Dobongsan station. You can take exit 1, cross the road and start your hike from there. There will be a lot of people starting the hike from there as that area is packed with lot of outdoor clothing stores and restaurants. We followed the stream all the way up to Geumgang-am hermitage and Seongdowonhathan. From there we sticked to the path to our right.

Half way up (about 40 minutes of climbing), we found a area devoid of trees from which we could get a nice view of Seoul city.

Ondo, a Korea Wanderer looking at the Seoul skyline.

After this point, slope gets a bit steep and the hike becomes a bit challenging. But, the good thing is that it is very close to the peak. So, another 1 hour of hiking (Cz the hike gets slower due to steep slopes), and you will reach the peak.

The view from the peak :

We took the same route to go down, and it took about 2 hours tops. I kept this post as short as possible so that I could bother you with a long one next time.. :P

Keep tuned.


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