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Does this Kimchi even exist?

Kimchi - the popularity of this traditional dish has been unbelievably growing in Korea and worldwide.


Kimchi is mainly eaten as a side dish, but it can also, be used as an ingredient to various dishes such as Kimchi Stew (김치찌개), Kimchi Fried Rice (김치 볶음밥), Kimchi Dumplings (김치만두), and more. In any case, if not all Koreans, most of them have and eat Kimchi at their homes with even a special refrigerator to store it.

Kimchi can technically be made with any ingredient, but aside from the most commonly-known ones, such as cabbage, let's get to know some others that you may hear for the first time. Now, let us get to the real deal of 'Does this Kimchi even exist?

Mango Kimchi (망고 김치)

Watermelon Kimchi (수박 김치)

Tomato Kimchi (토마토 김치)

(Tangerine Kimchi (귤 김치)

Pineapple Kimchi (파인애플 김치)

Shine Muscat Kimchi (샤인머스켓 김치)

Durian Kimchi (두리안 김치)

Space Kimchi (우주 김치)

Cucumber kimchi (오이김치)

Kiwi Kimchi (키위 김치)

Coconut Kimchi (코코넛 김치)

Have you tried or heard of any of these kinds of Kimchi? What do you think of the combinations of these foods with Kimchi?

Leave us your comment on what you want to try and if you have tried other, interesting types es of Kimchi.


Idea : Pauline Dela Roca

Author : Pauline Dela Roca & Mirzobek Malikov

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erdenebolor B
erdenebolor B
Aug 03, 2022

I love kimchi. Every food serve with kimchi in Korea.


Mirzobek Malikov
Mirzobek Malikov
Mar 25, 2022

wow, that's interesting. need to try all of them ::)😁

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