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Exploring 3 surprising facts about Korea

1. Korean people have strong belief in Blood Type 💕

The most common question that you may be asked by Korean people even at the first conversation is “What is your blood type?”. Most Korean people believe that your personality depends on your blood type and that is one of the important reasons to decide should they accompany with you. Since this special belief has spread, there are some

unexpected things appear such as it’s an indispensable ritual to ask your partner’s blood type before dating. According to that for years, those man with blood type B tends to have most struggle finding their girl friend or wife because they are depicted as quick-tempered, selfish, and faithful. Also, based on the blood type personality theory, sometimes people blame on their blood type whenever they have trouble in life.

2. Korea has the highest rate of alcohol consumption in Asia 🥂

There are approximately 3.6 billion soju bottles have consumed in Korea in 2017, which means, each adult person drank around 8️⃣7️⃣bottles in one year. Regardless of gender, they just need to be an adult that means older than 19 years old. Korean people occasionally drinks alcohol even on the special day or the normal days after studying or after working hours. They have a special culture of drinking.

3. Gift culture in Korea 🎁

At the first birthday (also called gold birthday): gold ring. The reason is that in the past due to the people lack of advanced medical technology and financial ability, the infant mortality rate was high. Therefore, having a baby survived their first year in his/her life became an event which is worth celebrating. Although the infant mortality rate has dropped significantly nowadays, this cultural continues.

On housewarming parties, toilet rolling paper or liquid detergent : It may sound so strange to other countries’ people, right? But the reason is so simple. Rolling a toilet paper is a very easy, so it means guests wish everything from now forward will be smooth in your new house. The liquid detergent bubbles symbolize prosperity because they are full of beautiful color and can be blown bigger.

Other special days such as Thanksgiving Day or Lunar New Year: Spam (ham). Spam has appeared in Korea since the war many years ago and it was a very expensive food. Spam contains a variety of nutrition and it goes well with kimchi. Hence, it gradually becomes a popular present in most special days in Korea.


  • Written by : Hoang Anh (민지)

  • Design and Layout by : Shahriar

*All rights reserved to the original author.

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