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Feeling hungry ? How about delving into Korean culture alongside our Korean friends by sharing a meal...😋

Seoul is known for its vibrant food scene, offering a wide variety of delicious Korean dishes and international cuisines. Here’s my favorite list of famous restaurants in Seoul recommended by a few friends and my Korean language teacher that you might want to try if you happen to come .

런던베이글뮤지엄 (Reondeon Beigeul Myujieom) might sound a bit puzzling at first, but it’s cool that some Korean words actually come from English. Nowadays, you can totally sprinkle in some English there since the younger generation is pretty fluent or at least familiar with a suffisant amount of English , So the London Bagel Museum is also a bagel shop that has been receiving a lot of love from people for several years. You can taste various types of bagels, including their signature bagels. This place is also known for having waiting times, so it’s recommended to go early during the shop’s opening hours. There are three locations in Seoul, but it’s important to note that they tend to be crowded. The main branch is located in Anguk, so if we base the description on the London Bagel Museum Anguk branch, you can find this shop by taking Line 3 to Anguk Station. Anguk is known for its traditional Hanok Village, making it a great place to enjoy a meal, explore traditional Korean architecture,and take a leisurely stroll.

송계옥 (Songgyeok): Another thing to try is 송계옥 Songgyeok a popular chicken restaurant that is why this place is always crowded and you’ll need to wait in line for a couple of minutes to be served , so it’s essential to go early and make a reservation to get a table. You can find it by taking Subway Line 9 and getting off at Songpa Naru Station.

삼청동 수제비 Samcheong-dong Sujebi : For someone who’s prefers to avoid waiting in line,I suggest you go to Samcheong-dong Sujebi 삼청동 수제비 .This restaurant has held its place steadily in history and consistently drawn both loyal local patrons and visitors who come based on word-of-mouth recommendations. The restaurant’s signature dish, thinly hand-pulled sujebi served in clean and clear anchovy broth without any unwanted odors, boasts a soft and delicate flavor.Additionally, their chewy potato pancakes, made exclusively from 100% potatoes, are another popular menu item. If you prefer to avoid waiting in line, it’s best to steer clear of the busiest hours between noon and 2 PM.

Nonetheless, the quality remains unchanged at any time. In addition to this, there are countless varieties of delicious restaurants, cafes,and more to explore. I recommend searching for your desired cuisine and visiting popular establishments, as there is a wide array of culinary options to discover.

This picture belongs to my Korean teacher and I have obtained permission to utilize it.

I’d like also to share how to find great restaurants using Instagram. When using Instagram’s search feature, you can enter hashtags like #건대맛집 (which means “Gangnam tasty restaurant” in English) or #건대맛집추천 (which means “Gangnam restaurant recommendations” in English). Many posts will appear, and from there, you can find promising places.

This picture belongs to my Korean teacher and I have obtained permission to utilize it.

To do this, simply type # followed by the area you’re interested in and then add the word “맛집” (which means “tasty restaurant” or “hotspot” in English). This will help you discover delicious dining spots.


●      Now, Guess what? You’re in for a treat with the convenient delivery services! Let me share a bit about one of the most distinctive aspects of food culture in South Korea — the “delivery culture.” Get ready for a quick lesson about delivery ! 😌

Delivery services allow you to choose your desired food from nearby restaurants using a smartphone app, and they deliver it to your location without the need to visit the restaurant in person. In the past, people in Korea would order food from each restaurant by calling different phone numbers, but the emergence of delivery platforms has simplified the process, enabling orders with just a few taps on a single app.

Korea’s delivery culture experienced explosive popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it allowed people to enjoy restaurant food while minimizing personal contact, given the restrictions in place.

However, in recent times, South Korea’s delivery culture has faced social issues related to increasing intermediary fees. Hey, just a heads up — getting the lowdown on this will save you from any awkward moments when your delivery arrives! 🚚✨

●  What to say : “ Nothing ” just make sure to read what’s written below — it’s your secret to saving face! 😊📜

Here’s a handy tip to save some cash: coupons! Lots of restaurants offer coupons with discounts ranging from 15% to 25%. If you collect them, you could easily score yourself another meal for free. In Korea, people often win coupons in contests and use them regularly for their day-to-day shopping. I invite you to give it a try!

There are two ways to use food delivery services: using Delivery Platforms or Calling the Restaurant Directly. By using Delivery Platforms While there is a downside of paying intermediary fees, the significant advantage is that you can compare various types of food, restaurants, and reviews all in one app. Some of the prominent delivery platforms in South Korea include:

[Image source] | 배달통 밀어낸 쿠팡이츠…뒤에서 웃는 배민 왜?

These apps are user-friendly, even for foreigners or older individuals, as they use visual food icons. Additionally, they share a similar interface, making it easy to follow the basic rules for ordering through these platforms. To place an order through a food delivery app, you can follow these basic steps:

As mentioned earlier, all the food delivery platforms provided receive delivery tips. Typically, the average delivery tip ranges from 3,000 to 4,000 won, but sometimes they may request even higher tips. Due to this, consumers have raised concerns, stating that “the tip is bigger than the meal,” highlighting that the delivery tips can sometimes be more expensive than the food itself.Recently, due to the increased delivery tips, South Koreans have become reluctant to use delivery services. Nevertheless, apart from the tips, it remains a highly useful service.


Written by Hinda Melliti

“Hinda is your Tunisian guide in Seoul who would love to share her bucket list along with some recommendations from her dearest Korean friends to enhance your travel experience. GRWM 🥢 to immerse yourself in love and relish every moment of your gastronomic journey in Seoul!

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