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Foreign Student Reporters Recruitment

Attention all international students!

Are you curious about Korea? Do you want to know more about its beautiful culture, friendly people and the gorgeous travel destinations? "World Reporters" is giving you this excellent opportunity to join our team and explore Korea through a fresh new perspective. Don't miss this chance! Apply now!

1. Application guidelines

1) Requirements

  • ForeignerStudents : Undergraduates and Graduates

  • Talent: We would love to hear all about your talents such as photography, making videos and editing, content writing, designing etc. Tell us what you are good at and guess what, we may have the right task for you!

  • Communication skills: We will prefer people who can communicate both in English and Korean

2) Application documents: Common Application Form and Action Plan

3) Selection process

  • 1st round: Document review

  • 2nd round: Sample review

  • 3rd round: Selected applicants will be contacted for interview

4) Schedule

  • Application Period: 2021-11-01(Mon) ~ 2021-11-10 (Wed) 18:00

  • Interview and Announcement: Individuals will be contacted by email or call

  • Orientation: 2021-11-20 (Sat)

* The schedule above may change as and when necessary

5) How to apply

  • Download application form:

  • Send the completed application form to

  • For inquiries contact, 010-9506-0095(Text message)

WR form 1
Download DOCX • 32KB

2. Plan and program

World Reporters is a student initiative that works passionately to promote Korean culture and its uniqueness to the international audience. We also aim to strengthen intercultural friendship and develop a global outlook of the students. Through activities such as planned trips, excursions, and meets, we plan to enjoy as well as broaden our perspective of Korea.

1) Activity period

  • December 2021 to June 2022

  • Online meetings and content production once a week

2) Activity

We need strong, motivated and adventurous individuals who are looking to explore Korea and would love to share their stories with the world. We are looking for people who are interested in

  • creating content for various platforms

  • have a keen eye for editing and are creative to the core

  • dedicated, hardworking team players

3) Team Introduction

  • Content: Our “Writing team”, focuses on content creation

  • Design: Our design team that works tirelessly to edit the content to make it awesome and presentable.

  • Social media marketing: The team responsible for presenting our work on various global platforms

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