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Get your International Student Identity Card

ISIC is an international organization and you can get an international student identity card get issued by them. You might be wondering what is the benefit of this card? I already have a student identity card so what's something special about this ISIC card?

Well firstly, you will be recognized as a student more than 130 countries/territories and you can get student discount from all over those countries. They also have some specific list of discounts from various countries of various stores. You can check it from their Website or from their mobile app.

How can you apply for the card?

I didn't really apply for the card because my university offers the card for free with one years of validity. If your university doesn’t offer it then you can just simply go to their Website which is then you need to go to the "Get your card" section and choose your country to Korea or where you live.

After that you will be forwarded to the ISIC Korean site. Then if you can read korean it will be easy for you to apply for it. You need write your birthdate and your phone number. Then you can fill the required information. and after your card is ready so far I know you will get it from your University.

You can also apply for the card directly from your university. Check the list whether your university is it in this list or not. If it is, then you can apply directly through your university website.

How will you use this card?

Firstly, you can use card both virtually and physically. You can use this card as your debit card (체크 카드). You can use this card as you discount card. You can use this card as your student id card obviously.

If you’re planning to go somewhere maybe for a vacation, you can check for various discounts on that location including restaurants, cafes, amusement park etc. You can even get airfare discount with your ISIC card.

This card comes with one years of validity and after a year you need pay a minimum fees to renew it. It's around 9,000 won. But for applying the card I'm not sure how much does it cost because my university paid for it. If you’re more curious about it leave a comment below ~


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erdenebolor B
erdenebolor B
Aug 03, 2022

Thank you for useful information.

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