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Written by : 한국인 101

Until 1960, women in Korea wore only hanbok, and it was only in the 1960s that western clothes became popular on Korean market. In the early 1970s, after the restoration of Korea's independence, traditional clothing completely disappeared from daily lifestyle and European clothes came to replace it. The first Korean woman to wear a Western dress was Yoon Kora, who was the first wife of the famous politician and businessman Yoon Chiho.

It should also be noted that the world widely known Seoul Fashion Week is only 16 years old! Through this huge annual event, we can notice that Korean youth prefers streetwear and sportswear. Even though Korea is no longer so isolated from the West and gets influence from American style, they also created their own street fashion. The most noticeable characteristics of Korean street style are techno vibes with edgy shapes and superiority of black color sometimes mixed with neon signs or patterns. Accessories such as chains, silver rings, and headbands also play a vital role in this kind of outfits adding more insolence to the look. Some popular brands for street style are Mlb, Nerdy, Supreme.

What about a more feminine style? Korean clothing for girly looks is designed to highlight the innocence and natural beauty of fashionistas. The neckline in dresses and blouses is not deep, the skirts rise above the knee to point out the length of the legs. High Heels are not the only way to make oneself higher because almost every shoe brand produces a line with platform or insoles, so even your favorite Converses will make you look like a tall model. Besides, this year the synonym of cute style became loose (oversized) clothing. From hoodies to winter outwear, oversize clothing became a huge trend for Koreans since it makes people look slimmer and cuter. You can find some cute hoodies and sweatshirts on O!Oi, Romantic Crown, WHO.A.U

Having couples holiday at least once a month, Korea no doubt would create some fashion trends for them as well. South Korea was one of the first countries where couples' looks became viral to the extent that almost every store has a separate section for couples.

Links to the stores:

Ably shopping app

Coupang / Gmarket

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