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Hyundai Card Music Library

Updated: Mar 23

Hyundai Card Music Library, which opened in 2015 in Itaewon, Seoul, stretches out Hyundai Card's library series to the domain of music. The assortment offers almost 15,000 things on music, of which more than 66% are vinyl records. Twelve-inch long play, 10-inch expanded play and 7-inch single records are totally remembered for the assortment.

Hyundai Card holders who can raise to two visitors on their visit can unreservedly utilize the library to appreciate music at devoted turntables, read interesting and late magazines on music, and go to top-class exhibitions by skilled specialists. At the point when the Music Library opened in 2015, crafted by metropolitan craftsman JR, who used the 1969 Bill Owen photograph "Stripped Man at Altamont" in his plan, wrapped the two walls of the library's outside pace.


In December 2020, the library highlighted a work of art by Los Angeles-based craftsman Alex Prager. Prager's craft piece blending genuine and created pictures permits guests to see the square before the library according to a new point of view. The encompassing lightings around the structure amplifies the sensational impact of the work of art wrapping the walls, drawing out the genuine embodiment of craftsmanship at night.

The primary floor of the library comprises of a bistro and holding up region. The second and third floors house an assortment of in excess of 10,000 records, including 400 of the most extraordinary collections on the planet. Chosen 26 records are long-lasting presentations at the library and the month to month display of specifically arranged collections. "Uncommon Assortment" is shown at the entry to acquaint guests with various classifications, as well as to prompt them to past top choices in vinyl. In the library's assortment, collections are coordinated by a long time from the 1950s to now and by sorts: jazz, rock, soul, hip jump, Korean, and world music. Situated on the B2 floor of the structure,

Understate is a very good quality show corridor that can hold up to 500 standing visitors. It was considered as a correspondence stage for Hyundai Card to impart its social vision to visitors by means of music-related occasions facilitated or organized by in-house keepers.

Written by: Khadija Naveed

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