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International Student Mentorship Program

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Social Media Team of Next Generation Leaders Forum is organizing mentoring program for international students. This program is aimed to help international students in their studies, make friends, get to deal with stress, focus on studies, information about study in Korea/ abroad etc.


Program Name : International Student Mentorship Program

Topic : To help other international students remotely through mentoring

Subject to Application : Undergraduate/Graduate student/ International Student

Application Process : Fill up the attached application form and send it to

Application Period : 2023/04/01 ~ 2023/06/30 (Until the end of this semester)

Method of Mentoring : Online Zoom (15 minutes to 45 minutes)

Mentor : Bolor

Mentoring Topics :

  1. How to deal with stress

  2. How to manage time in College 

  3. How to make friends

  4. Questions about Korean Universities/ Jobs and Scholarships

  5. Etc.

Contact : @languagefellowship (Instagram)

  • (Applicants don't need to pay any fees to participate in this program)

  • (Applicants must fill a survey after competing the mentoring session)

  • (If an applicant needs a second/third/fourth mentoring session, applicants must inform the mentor through mail and take an appointment)

  • (We are accepting application only through mail, applicants are requested to fill up the application form and send it through designated mail)

  • (Incomplete application is not accepted)

Application Form
Download DOCX • 123KB

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