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K-pop Idols' Recommended Must-read Books

As a fan, you often wonder how your idols live on a daily basis, and dream to perform similar tasks or even a closely-related one. Perhaps, many boxes in your bucket list include learning korean and just simply doing the things that these celebrities habitually execute.

Worry not! Because this blog is rightfully and specifically made for the likes of you.

In the arduous life of an idol where paparazzi and countless camera lens are swarming everywhere, a book— as for everyone— may serve as your escape route from reality. Reasons are these amalgamation of philosophy-laden papers provide universes unlike what's laid in front of you. Perchance, they view these as valuable tool to remain invincible under the spotlight. Whether the former or latter, it goes with no denial that these works are worthwhile.

Listed below are books recommended publicly by K-pop icons:

1. "I am home but I still want to go home" by Kwon Rasbin.

First on the list is suggested by BTS' Taehyung in an interview.

This book contains comforting messages in the form of short essays. Just from the cover page, we can already glean hints that this work is concerned about mental stability and redefining the truest essence of "home." If you are suffering from major setbacks in life, give this book a chance.

2. "Kim Jiyoung, born in 1982" by Cho Nam Joo.

Second, this literary masterpiece is recommended by Red Velvet's Irene— where she had a photo with this book.

Its main theme revolves around the ideas of feminism and how, as a Korean, sexism may be casually seen as a sight. It spurs radical thoughts that moves people to take up space in the society. Currently, this work is gaining traction worldwide and is now one of the best-selling international books.

3. "I am a season that does not exist in the world" by Kim Kyung Ju.

This one has been seen held by Got7's Jay B— whom fans popularly know as a bookworm.

"I am a season that does not exist in the world" is heavily praised and critiqued by multiple literary writers due to its non-conformist concepts. It scopes on life where it functions in a strange dimension: "the living are born in the dead people's world, and the dead are born in the living." This poetical work may help in veering your headspace as it views the world and its conflicts.

These books, though lengthy, may assist you in your pursuit of putting yourself in your idol's shoes. What's more, these materials are crucial if you were to learn Korean. Trying to read and analyze the books above poses only benefits, not disadvantages, to your valuable use of time. Therefore, you are a winner if you were to consider gaining three rewards: first, reading your favorite celebrity's choice of works; second, burgeoning your Korean proficiency; and last, picking up catharsis in every piece that you read.


Written By: Calixto III Del Rosario

Layout By: Ayesha Sarfraz

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Kunzank D
Kunzank D
Aug 24, 2022

"Kim Ji young born in 1982"I have heard a lot about this book, and after going through this blog, I am definitely going to read it.

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