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K-pop Songs for Rainy Days

With raindrops dribbling on the window pane of your room and ice cold breeze is in season, you comforted yourself by a quilt. And as you sip your hot chocolate drink made from brewed cocoa beans with the steams blowing upwards, you start to think of what music should you play. Maybe, some ballads? Or jazz? Or if you want, reggae?

If you still ended up with nothing in mind, this blog is for you. Listed below are the Kpop songs that are suited and befitting to your rainy slump:

1. "Spring day" by BTS

Derived from a very tragic scenario, this song of BTS draws you in by blending emotions of sorrow and woe. Perfect to play in synch with the sound of rain droplets as if the sky shed tears for it.

2. "BEST FRIEND" by iKon

This song is extremely nostalgic that you just can't help to close your eyes and conjure scenarios about your past heartaches. You may even drift to sleep just by hearing its calming melodies.

3. "Save Me" by BTS

Just like what's in the name, this song gives off a highly strenuous longing for love. Though the song may have some fast parts, it is still a good fit even if you want slow music.

4. "ONE IN A MILLION" by Twice

Have you ever felt unspecial and insecure these days? Maybe listening to this song of Twice may bring back some colors to your monochromatic view of life. Just like the song says, "You are a masterpiece."

These are some songs that you might have been looking for to fill in some gaps in your playlist. May you cherish your moment of rest with these soothing songs, and may it also be a form of comfort or warmth if you feel that the world has turn cold aside from the rain.


Written By: Calixto III Del Rosario

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4 comentarios

khadija Naveed
khadija Naveed
19 sept 2022

learning a lot from these songs thank you for sharing .

Me gusta

08 sept 2022

My favorite sound is Spring Day💠

Me gusta

kpop is not just a music, but message. thank you idols 🌹

Me gusta

erdenebolor B
erdenebolor B
04 sept 2022

Kpop help me learning Korean language. Thank you~

Me gusta
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