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Korean language Study Club Recruitment

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Have you heard of the Language Fellowship Program?

We are a team of international students from all over the world who are committed to helping students to improve their Korean language skills through this program. We strive to help you to find a fun and easy way to learn and practice Korean by participating in our varied and interesting classes and by working together to improve our writing, speaking, reading and listening skills in Korean language.

Application guidelines

1) Requirements:

  • Foreigners: Students and Graduates.

  • We are looking for fun and dedicated students who want to enjoy learning, practicing and improving their Korean with other international students.

  • Monthly fee: 10,000₩ (KRW) [if you only join social media team, then you don’t need to pay; krw 10,000 is only for study club]

3) Selection process:

  • 1st round: Documents review.

  • 2nd round: Selected applicants will be contacted for an interview

4) Schedule:

  • Application Period: 2022-05-23(Mon) ~ 2022-06-17(Fri) 18:00 (KST).

  • Interview and Announcement: We will contact you individually.

  • Orientation: 2022-06-27 (Mon)

* The schedule may be subject to change, depending on the circumstances

5) How to apply:


Social Media Team Member Recruitment

Welcome to social media team!

Social media team works independently from the Study Club and is a platform that works with College students and recent graduates to provide creative content. We also focus on promoting this content in various countries around the world. We are looking for creative individuals who have good skills in Photoshop, video editing, photography, marketing, leadership etc. Let’s make a team together with the International Students Embassy and Social Media Team!

Application guidelines

1) Requirements :

  • Foreigners : (Undergraduate, Graduate Students)

  • We invite various different skilled individuals in our team who are dedicated to their work.

  • Talent : We would love to hear more about your talents such as photography, making videos, editing, content writing, designing etc.

  • Communication Skill : We are looking for applicants with strong communication skills. Applicants who can speak both English and Korean will be given preference.

  • Team Building : All applicants will be working within a team, so having teamwork experience is preferred.

*(No monthly fee is required for Social Media Team)

3) Selection Process :

  • 1st round : Document review

  • 2nd round : Selected applicants are required to submit to an Activity Plan (details will be sent through email).

  • 3rd round : Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

4) Schedule :

  • Application Period: 2022-05-23(Mon) ~ 2022-06-17(Fri) 18:00 (KST).

  • Orientation : Schedule will be announced later.

* The schedule may be subject to change, depending on the circumstances

5) How to Apply :

Website :

Plan and Program :

1) Our Vision :

Social Media Team is a part of the Embassy of the International Students. Our Vision is to create a friendly learning and culture exchange environment. We are working to create an interactive and diverse learning experience for all by creating various contents including photography, editing, and marketing (Instagram/Facebook etc) platforms.

2) Activity Period : June 2022 – December 2022

3) Activities :

We are looking for strong motivated individuals who have different thinking than others and who have good leadership and communication skills. We would love to listen to your ideas. Our activities will be online based.

> Online Zoom Meeting

> Project Submission

4) Team Introduction :

> Design Team : Design team is responsible to create various designs ( ex: photoshop) and edit videos in a fun and interesting way.

> Content Team : Our content team have two groups. One group collects video clips and photographs and another group works with Web design and writing.

> Marketing Team : Marketing team promotes the contents through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc.

©2022 Social Media Team, All rights reserved.

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