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Korean Language/ TOPIK Class Application

Welcome to Korean Language/ TOPIK Class by Social Media Team!

This class is a comfort place where you can learn about Korean Language from the basic level. There will be a lot students and recent graduates joining this class from various countries around the world. We're calling you to learn and explore with us. Let’s create a peace class and learn Korean with the Social Media Team and the Embassy for International Students.

1. Requirements:

Foreigners: (Undergraduate, Graduate Students).

2) Application Documents:
3) Schedule:
  • Application Period: 2023-05-28 (Sunday) ~ 2023-06-08 (Thursday) 18:00 KST.

  • Starting Class: 18th June 2023.

* The schedule may be subject to change, depending on the circumstances

4) Expected Class:

TOPIK Class We are welcoming students who want to take TOPIK exam. This class will learn about; a) How to use grammar. b) How to understand Korean native. 3) How to write essay, 4) How to speak Korean.

5) How to Apply:

  • Enter your application through Google Form.

  • Inquiries: ; 010-8957-6444 (Text messages).

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