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Korean Viral Trends 2020-2021

Written by : 한국인 101

Being stylish on point and following the latest hot trends is very important while living in Korea. However, since fashion is always changing, it is hard to organize a wardrobe which could be still trendy after 1-2 years. Here we decided to share the hottest trends of 2020-2021 which would be fashionable next seasons as well.

The first one is indeed 마스크 목걸이 or mask necklace. The trend started because of coronavirus this year in order to make ordinary masks more interesting and eye-catching. However, Korea has always been famous for its huge trend for wearing masks because most celebrities wear them as fashion items, so mask necklace will be a popular accessory next season as well.

ADLV BABY FACE hoodie. The next viral item among youth is ADLV's hoodie from the Baby Face collection. It became popular mostly due to collaboration with a famous girl group TWICE after which all of the other celebrities and young people started wearing cute hoodies. Some of the prints on the Baby Face collection are donuts and rabbits. The average price for such hoodies is 109 000 won.

Chunky High by MLB. MLB brand started off as a sports clothing company producing mostly clothes for baseball teams in the USA. But knowing Korean youth's interest in unusual street style MLB became very popular here. Especially this time they have created a brand new collection named Chunky High, which is an updated version of Converse with a high platform. Such shoes are a must-have item because it rains a lot in Korea and high platform helps to not get wet under heavy rains. Moreover, it is also a fashion item in your wardrobe which could make you look higher without wearing high heels.

Loose pants. Loose pants are the favorite ones in any Korean wardrobe. There are a few reasons for that but the main one is that they make you look taller and slimmer. In addition to that, there are various types of loose pants- sports loose pants, classic style loose pants. So wearing such fashion item would give more options on what to wear it.

Long-sleeve shirt or 맨투맨. Another necessary item for those who want to be fashionable in Korea. This kind of loose long-sleeve shirts can be worn with both classic style and street style outwear. Combined with some necklace and accessories this shirt will become your every-day basic item.

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