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Let's enrich our emotions with K-dramas music

Hi everyone, in a previous post we talked about charismatic and romantic K-dramas. But to create an attraction for a movie, in addition to the plot, actors, and context, music also plays a vital role in bringing emotions and leaving a profound impression in the hearts of the audience. Deep, gentle melodies along with meaningful lyrics will take you through a paradise of emotions. And here, we would like to recommend the soundtrack list of 2 K-dramas that I think you will find interesting.

1) Crash Landing On You' s Playlist:

Recently, the movie "crash landing on you" is once again making waves because of the marriage news from the two main characters in the movie. The chemistry of this couple made the movie a huge success and the music was also an integral part of that success. The playlist of this movie has stormed on Korean electronic music platforms and is also widely heard in the international music market. Songs with gentle, emotional melodies will take you to the world of love. It will be great if you try listening to these songs next to the one you love. I hope you will have a very

relaxing and sweet moment.

1) Flower - Yoon Mi Rae

2) Sunset - Davichi

3) Here I Am Again - Yerin Baek

4) Someday - Kim Jae Hwan

5) Photo of my mind - Song Ga In

6) But It's Destiny - 10CM

2) Start-Up's Playlist :

Start-Up is a movie about the topic of startups and the sweet, pure love story of the two main characters. Different from the gentle and deep melodies of Crash landing on you's playlist, Start-Up's playlist will bring you to a young, joyful, vibrant world but also full of emotion and meaning. The tunes of these songs will give you positive energy every day, inspire you to complete your work efficiently. I hope that after listening to these songs, you will have more faith and motivation to pursue your dreams and ambitions.

1) Running - Ga Ho

2) Future - Red velvet

3) Where is dream - 10CM

4) One day - Kim Feel

5) Day and Night - Jung Seung Hwan

6) Blue Bird - Ailee


Author : Huynh Xuan Thanh (민민)

Published by : Shahriar

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1 Comment

erdenebolor B
erdenebolor B
Aug 05, 2022

I watched Crash landing on you.

Movie is very interesting i learned different culture about south and north Korea.

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