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Let’s go to Songdo Beach

When we are in Busan, we can’t miss the visit to the beautiful beaches. Songdo is one among those with wonderful surroundings along many attractions in close vicinity. I also got an opportunity to experience in between the havoc of my daily routine.

The main aim was to enjoy the piece at the shore of the sea but I discovered many beautiful places nearby.


One can walk on the long walkway over the water. The walkway is approx. 1km long. The place is full of immense beauty and calm surroundings with the sound of waves.

Songdo Cable car

Skywalk is not the only option which can fascinate us. Songdo cable car is one among famous tourist attractions. It’s affordable for everyone and makes us get the beautiful look of island, sea and surroundings from a great height.

Charges for Songdo Cable car:

Cable car (Normal cabin): 12000 KRW one way

15000 KRW round trip

Cable car (Crystal cabin): 16000 KRW one way

20000 KRW round trip

Timings: Monday to Sunday, 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

One can get down at JAGALCHI SUBWAY (Line 1: Busan Subway) and ride a bus from there heading towards Amnam Park.

After reaching the opposite stop of cable car one can enjoy snacks at the food courts at an affordable price (approx 3000 KRW), can click pictures in the dinosaur park, can go down to enjoy at a small island or can hike the mountain to reach the top where they can get the most amazing view.

If you are in Busan don't miss the chance to explore the beauty of Songdo. It's a place to visit without affecting our pockets.

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