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N.korea's son mystery and the 'Kim II sung phenomenon'

N.Korean leader Kim Jong-un is known to have a son with his wife,Ri Sol-ju however hsis appearance has been a mystery especially with how much Kim Jong-un has been publicly portraying his daughter.

Citing sources in North Korea Choe Su-yong a retired NIS official claims that Kim has two children with his recent wife: the eldest being a son and the globally known daughter, Juae as the younger child. He also mentions that KIm has other two children born out of wedlock.

Ju-ae, his daughter made her first public appearance at the launch site of the Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile in november 2022 and since then has drawn a great amount of attention on the possibility of her becoming Kim's successor in the future. This has also been proven with the little information that is available about his son thus speculating that Kim's mannerism of showcasing his daughter is all part of his grand plan to name her as his heir while others say it is too early to predict such matters.

Choe claims that Kim's son does not look good pointing out that his unappealing appearance seems to have discouraged Kim from disclosing his son. Another great factor is it is said that the son does not resemble his great-grandfather, Kim II sung. For the royal family members in North Korea, a physical appearance that resembles Kim II Sung, who was the founder of North Korea is considered as an asset in the rise to power.

Kim Jung-un was chosen to be the successor to his father as he was more aggressive unlike his elder brother Jong-chul and also looked more like his grandfather. Since his coming to power in 2011, he has been emulating his grandfather through the way he spoke, walked and even changed his hairstyle to echo the late Kim II sung. Many North Koreans supported Kim II Sung when he was alive. During this period the economy was good and the food situation was relatively stable; however with Kim Jong-il coming to power, North Koreans were facing starvation.

Also, like Kim Jong-un, his grandfather was obese with a fat belly and in North Korea people with fat bellies are perceived to have a good first impression. This is because the average looking North korean are malnourished and skinny therefore when they see such people they perceive them as high ranking officials.

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