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N Seoul Tower

Written by : Durrani Sabeen Mehmood of the Bon Voyagers

This story is about the one sunny, autumn, pleasant day when we decided to visit Seoul tower to experience a walk through autumn and golden leaves and reach Seoul tower. Enjoy day and night view. Unfortunately, we barely made it there before sunset. We took the wrong bus. Aha life happens especially when we are together. If I and my friend travels separately we do get lost but 90% of times, we reach our destination even before time. However, we enjoy it now. It has become our norm and we don’t mind it anymore and we gave up the booking of tickets in advance as well.

Since we reached there 40 minutes to sunset, we decided to skip the hike and took the cable car to the top. On one side you can see magnificent skyscrapers and on the other trees with autumn shades. It was worth it.

Everything happens, happens for a reason, right? Maybe we took the wrong bus so that we may be able to ride the cable car. Who knows! The cable car ride cost us 9500 won for two ways. But you may choose a way ticket as well. We took pictures in natural light as much as we could but once the sun was set, we decided to grab some food and enjoy the view from the food court for sometime before heading towards Seoul tower top.

We had plans to watch the sunset from Seoul tower’s top but maybe next time. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, better time, or any other friend for that day.

We had so much fun because when your plan fails you have unlimited options and the sky is a limit to start over. We spent an hour there, enjoying the view from the top, before heading back with loads of happy memories and smiles on our faces.

We would recommend two seasons when you must visit Seoul tower, one is Spring for cherry blossoms and Autumn for the colors. The rest of the year is fine too, depending on your schedule and availability. Whenever you go, Namsan tower is always beautiful, charming and romantic.

Writing: Durrani Sabeen Mehmood

Photo credit: Anni Naharin Sultana.

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