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Nami Island

Namiseom or Nami Island (Korean: 남이섬) is a half-moon molded stream island situated in Chuncheon, Gangwon Territory, South Korea, framed as the land around it was immersed by the rising water of the North Han Stream as the consequence of the development of Cheongpyeong Dam in 1944. Namiseom is found 3.8 km (2.4 miles) from Gapyeong Region, yet has a place with Chuncheon in Gangwon Territory. It is 430,000 m2 (0.17 square miles) in region and around 4 km (2.5 miles) in distance across.



The name of the island starts from General Nami, who passed on at 28 years old subsequent to being dishonestly blamed for injustice during the rule of Lord Sejo, the seventh ruler of the Joseon Administration of Korea. Despite the fact that his grave was not found, there were a heap of stones where his body should be covered. It was trusted that assuming somebody took even one stone from that point, it would carry adversity to their home.

Min Byeong-do purchased the island in 1965, and from that point forward, in 1966, when Gyeongchun The travel industry Advancement Co., Ltd. was laid out, it started to be created as a general hotel. In April 2000, Gyeongchun The travel industry Improvement changed its name to Nami Island Co., Ltd. In 2002, the region around Nami Island turned into the shooting stage for the Korean Telecom Framework television show Winter Sonata, and the quantity of Japanese travelers visiting Nami expanded altogether.



Written by Khadija Naveed

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