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PC Room(피시방): An experience you should’t miss!

A PC방(bang), which directly translates to PC room, is a place equipped with computer of great quality at the disposal of the costumers who can use them for a wide variety of purposes. It is basically an internet or cyber café with better quality equipment as well as the highest-speed internet connection. Not only are they a good place for playing video games, although that’s their main purpose, but many people rely on the incredibly good connection for things like enrolling in university classes, buying concert tickets, registering for exams, etc. Nonetheless, gaming is the most popular activity with games like LoL and Overwatch being extremely popular among the visitors of these places.

Before COVID-19, these establishments were open 24 hours a day and the service is usually purchased by the hour at very low prices.

In fact, on average an hour cost around ₩1000 and this price can vary depending on the amount of hours you purchase as you can get a better deal for buying more hours at a time. However, the greatness of PC bang doesn’t stop here. As many people enjoy spending hours in these places, they offer food and drinks menu. Depending on the PC bang you visit the options can vary but they sometimes offer meals like fried rice or snacks like hot dogs and French fries. There is also a wide variety of drinks one can choose from, making it easy for people to stay and enjoy the atmosphere and the supercomputer for as long they want!

Not only are they cheap and available most of the time, but you can also find plenty of them in every area. If you are a video game lover, or simply want to try this experience, I recommend you visit the PC bang as it is a fun hobby that’s budget-friendly and that you can also enjoy with friends that join you!


Author : Maria Teresa Ponce Carrion

Layout : Shahriar

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