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Pink Grass and Sunsets in Seoul

Written by : The Korea Wanderers

Haven't you guys gone out and taken pictures with pink grass yet? If you haven't, this post is something you MUST read because this post will tell you the coolest spots in Seoul to go and enjoy the beauty that you can enjoy only during this season. Since this is my fourth post, you all know how my posts starts! With the end!

Olga, a Korea Wanderer, my friend, taking her Instagram shot with pink grass!

You're wondering where this is, right? Well, It is closer than you think. It is in the Noeul Park, located adjacent to Haneul Park In Mapo-gu, Seoul. What is interesting about these parks is that, they used to be sanitary garbage dumps. Now, they have been re-habilitated to be one of the most-visited places in Seoul (Cool nuh?). It can be easily reached using public transportation by taking Line number 6 and getting off from World cup stadium station. Hanuel Park is closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 but, Noeul Park is open for now. Noeul Park is famous to observe the sunset and they have camping sites provided at the top for star gazing. Enough texts, lets look at some pictures of what you can see when you go there in an evening.

The awesome sunset view over Seoul skyline:

Be creative with the sunset shot 😉

Olya, a korea wanderer, my friend trying to catch the sun

Pink grass:

The small stretch of pink grass found

Silver grass:

Finally, this is what you can observe if you go to the camping area of the Noeul park. They have water and electricity so, camping here is super convenient.

I am sure, I have motivated you all to go check this place out with my photos. So here is the location of this beautiful place ( 495-50 Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul) .

Until next time.. Janith PS : This is not the only place where you can see pink grass. Olympic park near Jamsil also have a different kind of pink grass like cotton candy.

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