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Pohang: A Poetic Beauty in Daily Life

Written by : Hoang Manh Thang of the Bon Voyagers team

I got to know Pohang through a recommendation from a friend from the Keimyung Language Institute. Recently I also watched a high-rating Korean movie in 2019, When the Camellia Blooms. When I watched this movie, beautiful memories of Pohang suddenly appeared, which made me promise myself I would return to Pohang again. The village located opposite Pohang port was chosen as the film set for the movie When the Camellia Blossoms and it is also my tourist destination.

The village is located along the slopes of the mountain and even if you do not climb to the top of it, you can still enjoy a panoramic view of Pohang harbor just halfway up the mountain. There is also a lot of camellias around the village, is this the reason why the movie is called When the Camellia Bloom?

At the same time, even though becoming a tourist attraction after the movie was broadcasted, but the atmosphere of the village was still incredibly peaceful and tranquil. Along the roads that circle the village, it denotes not difficult to see mural paintings like this.

The village's three popular check-in locations are 'Pub' Camellia, where the heroine starts her career, the heroine's house, and the final check-in point is the stone staircase leading up to the village in the movie's main poster.

Pohang's feeling of watching the movie while seeing the scenery once again made me feel extremely excited and familiar with the film. Of course, when you come to Pohang, do not hesitate to enjoy the ssalhottok (쌀 호떡), otteng (오뗑), and even Guryongpo Snow Crab.

How to go there:

From Seoul to Pohang- by bus or KTX or Mugunhwa

From Busan to Pohang- by bus.

From Pohang Bus Terminal, take bus no.200 and 210 to Guryongpo Modern Culture and History Street about 35-45 minutes.

If you go to this place, I believe you will love Pohang as much as I am.......😊

Photo and writing credit - Hoang Manh Thang

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