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Samnak Riverside

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Written by : 한국인 101

In a very tightly scheduled lifestyle where everything revolves around stuffy classrooms and narrow offices Koreans try to balance this situation with parks and recreational places. Busan city is full of such parks which makes the city versatile in terms of colors during autumn and spring. Samnak Riverside is one of the parks not only with great scenery but it also has facilities such as bike renting and sports fields.

The location of the park is also a huge benefit because Samnak is located slightly further from roads and highways but it is still a convenient destination if you go by subway or bus.

Bicycle renting is only 3000won per hour so it is worth adding Samnak Riverside to your weekend destination list and enjoy nature scenery from mountains to a beautiful river.

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1 Comment

Naharin Anni
Naharin Anni
Oct 28, 2020

You made my memories vivid again...💖

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