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SNS School Opening Ceremony

Happy Holidays everybody!

On Saturday, 21st of December we held an opening ceremony for our winter program SNS School. On the gloomy day that brought this winter`s first snow to Seoul our members, guests and mentors gathered to share some delicious food and engage in great ideas exchange. Unfortunately, due to already arranged meetings and working hours not all of our members were able to attend but nonetheless they were mentioned many times.

With the tasty pizza and chicken provided by our president we were able to feast and enjoy planning our winter school activities.

During this ten-week program we will be able to visit four great Korean companies who are exceptionally famous in their field and also listen to four special lessons conducted by our mentor Hwang Sung Jin. By attending these we expect to learn a lot about social media, how to properly use it, how we can discover and reach our target audience through it and get to the core of these important skills. In 21st century, where social media is constantly around us and we almost cannot live without it, mastering those skills is an important task.

By participating in the opening ceremony our new members were given a chance to meet each other better, exchange ideas, talk about personal and common goals as well as plans for reaching those goals. We also talked more in detail about our life in Korea, what we think are the good sides as well as what we think could be improved. People who come from different countries indeed do have different experiences and opinions and it is great to expand one`s horizon by listening to others point of view. Only by doing that we will be able to make progress and that is exactly what our long-term goal is. Make a change. By learning we do not only shape ourselves but also help shape the society where we belong. And what is the better to achieve that in these modern times than using social media? We are all looking forward to these winter activities!

After concluding this amazing party I would like to express gratitude to everyone who has participated, especially to our friends who came all the way from Busan and Jeonju.

Looking forward to starting the program!

Let`s create power content together

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