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SNS School Recruitment

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Are you interested in learning more about YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website, Blog content creation from the best people in the field? Then join us this winter!

"Let’s create power content together!” This program will allow you to meet and learn from represents of the best Korean companies, and also to apply these learned concepts in solving real problems


  • Foreign students and graduates, Diplomats in Korea and their families

  • Those active in Social networks or those wishing to become

  • Those who want to learn something new or expand their existing knowledge

If you are passionate, willing to learn new skills and develop your professional profile while living in Korea, apply now!


  • Program starts on 21th of December and will be conducted every Thursday until the end of February(hourly schedule will be announced later)

  • Participation fee: 40,000won, transport fee not included

How to apply  

Download application form

Meet the Team

  • Mirjana(Montenegro) Project Manager 이화여자대학교

  • Nindia(Burkina Faso) 전북대학교

  • Jemima(Uganda) 부산대학교



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