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Soothing K-Ballads to Calm your Soul

Ballads are soothing melodies which hold the power to take us to a world of serenity, be it after a tiresome day at school or when you're stressed at work. Korea has many amazing musical artists who produce beautiful and soothing ballads to bless our ears. So, here are some recommendations from us!

한숨 Breathe - Lee Hi

Breathe is a ballad song written by Jonghyun in 2016 and successfully performed by Lee Hi. It's a sad story behind the song, but the lyrics will give you a hug to comfort you when you're having a hard time. In life, it's inevitable to have a difficult time. At that time, let's take a deep breath and breathe out all our worries and continue to be optimistic.

겨울잠 Winter Sleep - IU

Winter sleep is a beautiful ballad from IU's special mini album 'Pieces' which was released in December 2021. The very poetic song deals with the loss of a loved one. IU’s silky smooth voice that flows along with the melancholic song adds depth and beauty to it. Be sure to check our the rest of the songs from the album which are equally soothing!

겨울숨 Winter breath - Sooyoung

Winter Breath is Girls Generation's Sooyoung's first solo digital single. It was released in 2018. The sad melody follows a story of loneliness amidst the cold and harsh winter- a pain and void that stems from the absence of loved ones. Sooyoung's beautiful voice makes the song a wonderful experience.

More recommendations:

An nyeong – Why Am I Like This?

IF YOU - Big Bang

좋니 Like it - Jong Shin Yoon

새벽녘 Dawning - Epitone Project

슬픈바다 Sorrowful sea - Cho Jung Hyun

Letter - VIINI

Which of these are your favorites? Do you have any K ballad recommendations? Go ahead and comment them below, we're curious to know!


Written by Laya (라야) & MinMin (민민)

©2022 Social Media Team, All rights reserved.

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1 Comment

erdenebolor B
erdenebolor B
Aug 03, 2022

Nice information

Breathe(한숨) is my favourite. It makes me feel calm.

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