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Soyang Dam: Asia's Largest Rock-Filled Dam

Written by : Hossain Mohammad Shakhawat for Bon Voyagers

If you're looking for a quiet getaway from the city, Soyanggang Dam is a destination for nature lovers and a piece of peace. It is located at the northeast of Chuncheon in Gangwon-do province. If you live in Seoul, it can be a great spot for an day trip right.

Soyang Dam is the largest sand gravel dam in Asia, built in 1973 with an expansive view over Soyang lake. The dam has made by blocking the downstream of Soyang gang River so the ride up is long and winding because of the height.

How to go there?

It can be reached by subway with transfers between the Gyeongui–Jungang Line and Gyeongchun Line to Chuncheon, and from there a refreshing cycle ride for only 7000₩ for 3 hours.

Local Transportation options from Chuncheon to Soyang dam include:

* City Bus from Chuncheon Station, bus No. 12-1 and get off at Soyang Dam (30 min ride),

or from Namchuncheon Station, take city bus No. 12 that runs via Intercity Bus Terminal. Get off at Soyang Dam station after 30 mins ride.

* Taxi can be an another option, which takes 20 min from Chuncheon Station to Soyang Dam.

Looking downstream of the dam from the long river bank, Soyang gang River can be seen flowing between the mountains faraway. It was a divine view.

Chuncheon is well known for its fog and clouds and going on top to view the clouds is heavenly, getting to the top by bus or car or even cycling will unveil the beauty of this place.

Stopping for a cup of coffee after a long cycle ride, you can have a glimpse of the local architecture.

Although it was only a brief visit to Soyanggang Dam, the cool weather in the beginning of autumn was refreshing. The massive lake felt as big as the ocean with a cool breeze with an expansive view and fresh air from the river leaving the exhausting city life behind.It is a must visit for locals and tourists alike, Soyang Dam.

Writing and photo credit: Hossain Mohammad Shakhawat.

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