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The comics cafe with cute cats

친구네집 만화카페 전주


Do you like comics? Or maybe cats?

If you are really in them, you must go to the comics cafe and enjoy the atmosphere by cool comics, fluffy cats, computer games, popular cartoon puzzles or if you just want to lie down by distracting yourself after exams and relieve stress.

I was looking for such a cozy cafe with cats and recently found in Jeonju

Comics world

I found this fluffy friend, his name is Zhadu and he likes to sleep all the time.

I am a cat lover, so I fell in love with this cafe))


What do you have to know about this cafe?

They usually work from 11am to 12pm. Before entering , you definitely need to take off your shoes and put on other slippers.

Then they will give you special cards, you will pay by the hour and 1hour it will be 1800 Won. Instead of it you can buy coffee for 5000 Won and walk for 5-6hours for free, because you already bought a coffee. Besides drinks you can also buy food.

Try not to give cats food and do not wake out if they sleep.

Cats that you can find there^^

Do you also like a cafe where you can not only sit, but also lie down? I really like to lie down and read comics in these cozy tents. I'm sure you like this style of cafe too.


Maybe a puzzle?

I really enjoyed this process, especially after exams, when you want to think nothing and just forget about everything that is happening now in the world. It's like the kind of the best relaxation therapy.

The marvellous cartoon!

I am a fan of puzzles


I hope it was useful for you and you enjoyed the cute photos. I advise you to go to there, read, collect puzzles and find fluffy friends like me!

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1 Comment

O my gosh Kumush this cafe is very beautiful and cozy as you said😍I liked it, also you are very at writing articles 😍good job and your reader Nazira from Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬😂

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