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The inaugural ceremony of the new president of Korea Association of the Deaf

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

On Tuesday, Aug 20, one of our NGL Forum's Foreign Students World Reporters' representatives, accompanied by our mentor Mr Sungchul Kim, attended the inaugural ceremony of the new president of Korea Association of the Deaf, Mr Seungil Pyeon. Inspired and motivated by the atmosphere at the ceremony itself and honoured by the kind invitation our Foreign Students World Reporters' group has received, our representative expressed the following impressions.

“Today I was honoured to be part of the congratulatory event of the president of the Korea Association of the Deaf. President can't hear and as followed can't speak. However, he has big heart and high ambitions to help disabled people to find their place in the society. Among all congratulatory speeches and performances there was one performance that impressed me a lot. It illustrated how a deaf person met discrimination and difficulties in the world of other people. It conveyed how a deaf person wanted to study and work but society turned back at him. However, deaf people decided to fight for their rights and that's how the Association of the Deaf was established and a lot of hearing-impaired people got their chance to be a part of the society.

As a foreigner, I know by my own experience that sometimes because of lack of language knowledge it's hard to communicate. Moreover, foreigners might feel discrimination, lack of understanding and as following feel discouraged and lonely.

However, I want to remind you, that there are people, that despite of all obstacles in their life, keep dreaming, working hard and achieve their goals. That was encouraging experience for me, I hope it will encourage you too.”

Our representative also expressed her best wishes to Mr Seungil Pyeon

After the visit, we have also received the following video from the new president, Mr Seungil Pyeon himself, in which he encouraged us to carry on our challenging journey of studying in a foreign country and inspired us never to give up.

“Hello. I am Seungil Pyeon and I am the president of Korea Association of the Deaf. There is something I would like to tell to the foreign students who came to Korea to study. As you know, the society of the Deaf in Korea is also facing many difficulties when it comes to communication, discrimination, surroundings and such. Therefore, more than anything, I fully understand the difficulties of the foreign students in situations when problems in communication appear. However, even as you experience many culture shocks, on top with the language barrier, you must not give up easily. I hope that all of you foreign students will be able to keep the dreams and the hope that you have, that you will pluck up the courage and keep on living bravely and that you will be able to face the challenges out in the society, as you devote yourself to your studies passionately. I also firmly believe that if you talk to many different people, you will be able to grasp a better understanding of the Korean culture. Bearing the idea of becoming excelling leaders in mind, you, foreign students should always stick to your wonderful dream. I wish you all good health and hope that you are always surrounded by good fortune. Thank you very much.‘’

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