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The legend that connects Korea and India

At first glance, there's not much that connects the two peninsular countries of India and South Korea apart from the fact that the two celebrate Independence Day on the 15th of August every year. But there is a certain legend, of a beautiful bond, between these two countries that tell a story of a deep connection. Although it is debated whether this is just a myth or a piece of real history, this fascinating story has been a subject of talk among people in both countries.

Legend says that an Indian princess from the distant kingdom of 'Ayuta' named 'Suriratna' was married off to King Kim Suro(김수로 ) of Geumgwan Gaya after the King of Ayuta had a dream about his daughter marrying the Korean king. Historians speculate that the Kingdom of Ayuta was an ancient North Indian city which stood in the place of present-day Ayodhya. The story of Queen Heo Hwang Ok was mentioned in the collection of folktales called Samguk Yusa or Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms which demonstrated the extravagant history of Korea's kingdoms from centuries ago. Princess Suriratna who had to complete a long journey on a boat to reach the Korean kingdom later came to be known as the legendary Heo Hwang Ok (허황옥) along with King Kim Suro and started the Karak dynasty and prospered as rulers. Some present-day Korean clans and families are believed to be direct descendants of Queen Heo.

Tombs believed to be that of Kim Suro and Queen Heo Hwang Ok are present in Gimhae even today. And in order to honour the precious history connecting the two countries, India had released two stamps commemorating Queen Heo Hwang Ok in 2019. In an auspicious ceremony conducted in 2001, a memorial was inaugurated in the name of Heo Hwang Ok by the Korean delegation in Ayodhya, India.

A seemingly unimportant thread of information has woven the bonds of India and the Republic of South Korea together. It is indeed intriguing to find stories and fables which demonstrate the rich history of our world- which prove that we are all connected to each other, in some way or the other.


Author : Laya Jimmy (라야)

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erdenebolor B
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