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Vietnamese restaurants at Gwangju - 베트남 맛집 광주

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Hi guys, are you a fan of Vietnamese food in general and “Phở” in particular???

Are you studying at Chonnam National University and need suggestions of some Vietnamese restaurants nearby?

📢📢📢 If the answer is yes, then this post is for you... 😉

1) 미스사이공

I accidentally found this restaurant when I wandered around with my friends near my university. It’s not a very famous name but I think the taste is good. We ordered 3 different dishes including chicken noodles (phở gà), beef noodles (phở bò) and fried noodles (phở xào). All of them were super delicious and when I think back, they urge me to come back soon. There is no waiter or waitress here, you should order via an order machine, and after finishing your meal, don’t forget to bring them back to the counter.

Location : Gwangju, Buk-ku, 4-1 Hodong-ro

2) Bát Tràng

I found this restaurant by a suggestion on Instagram “Gwangju-tasty”. If you still didn’t follow this page, you should do it right now because you can find not only restaurants but coffee shop and many must-go places in Gwangju also. “Bát Tràng” is the name of a small village in the East South of Hanoi - capital of Vietnam, where is well known by pottery. I suggest you try the food at the image I upload below. That is a simple of food in the South of Vietnam, which is rice, meat and must be tasted with fish sauce.

Location : Gwangju, Buk-ku, 859-2 Ilgok-dong

3) 하노이 쌀국수

This restaurant was found by a Vietnamese woman who has lived in Korea for more than 10 years. It is known by almost Vietnamse students studying in Chonnam National University as a place that has a very friendly owner and reasonable price. The most expensive one is just 7,000won. If you have any special flavor request or are a vegetarian, you can talk to the owner by either Korea or Vietnamese. Additionally, this restaurant sells some Vietnamese traditional food such as Chưng cake and sticky rice which are self-made by the owner. Let’s come and figure them out.

Location : Gwangju, Buk-ku, 185-1 Uchi-ro

4) Phở Bay

This is kind of franchise restaurant, which was started opening since 2002. Now they have around 14 branches all over Korea. You can easily find an address in either Seoul, Busan, Gwangju, Gangwon, Deagu, Jeju or Suncheon. With a diverse menu, you can order not only Phở, but also fried noodles, spring roll, bread (bánh mỳ), and rice. You can choose your own favorite flavor (e.g, spicy, mild). I highly recommend you try fried spring roll here, it is really delicious. One more thing impressed me is that some of dishes in Phở Bay are the combination between Vietnam style and Korea style, which makes the food looks so special and attractive.

Location : Gwangju, Seo-gu, 49-1 Gwangcheon-dong, U-square Bus Terminal

5) 베트남 쌀국수

This is the first Vietnamese restaurant I came since I’ve lived in Korea. The dish was such a big size which was surprised me. The taste was quite good, but to be honest, I must say that its taste was far from Vietnamese’s taste. Maybe because I am from Vietnam, I might have a strict judgment. However, for making your own comparison, I think you should try. If it's possible, let's share with us your thought. I welcome all your comments below.

Location : Gwangju, Buk-ku, 6 Hodong-ro

6) Caphe Cozy

Besides food, I would like to suggest you one of the Vietnamese Coffee Shop that I had a chance to go before. Although it’s just a small coffee shop which is near Gwangsan Culture and Art Center, this brand is very famous in Korea. It was found by a person who came to Vietnam many years ago and felt in love with Vietnamese coffee. All ingredients are imported directly from Vietnam, so you can can rest assured about the quality and flavor.

Location : Gwangju, Gwangsan-gu, 48 Gwangsan-ro


How many places did you have chance to go? And which one impressed you most? Share with us 💖💖💖


Written and Layout By : Hoang Anh (민지)

Published by : Shahriar

*All rights reserved to the original author.

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