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Visit to CJ CheilJedang

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Last Thursday, 16th of January, we were granted the amazing opportunity to visit CJ Cheil Jedang. CJ CheilJedang is one of the biggest and oldest businesses in Korea which started its long history back in 1953 as an export company for sugar and flour. Today, CJ Group that we all know, has branches in many different areas, selling various products and greatly contributing to the sustainability of the Korean economy.

Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed and invited to lunch at the CJ CheilJedang-owned restaurant VIPS which offers food for everyone`s taste and preferences. Shortly afterwards, we were provided a tour around the building and introduced to most of the products marketed there.

When you go to the convenience store to buy kimchi or instant meals, brands like Bibigo (비비고) and Haetban (햇반) are probably amongst the first ones you notice on the shelves. But did you know that they are also owed by CJ Group? The conglomerate affiliates other very famous stores that play a big role in our daily lives as well, such as bakery franchise Tous Le Jours, health and beauty drugstore Olive Young and, of course, CGV theaters. Not only does the company excel in all of those fields but it has also found its place in the entertainment industry by collaborating with various stars of the Hallyu wave that has recently made Korea one of the hottest tourist destinations of the decade. In addition, we cannot overlook CJ Logistics which has helped many students with their last-moment document submissions. Amazing achievements, right?

CJ Group is a great example of successful branching, nimble problem solving and diverse expansion. During the special presentation that Mr Ko Chunghoon, head of the company's CSV Strategy Department, had prepared for us, we learnt about CJ CheilJedang's involvement in creating social values. In today's society, it is crucial that big businesses like CJ CheilJedang use their influence in a way that brings serious problems around the world into the spotlight. CJ CheilJedang makes sure to recycle, or 'up-cycle', their containers in order to reduce waste by putting them to use again, for example as vases or flower pots. This activity is executed with the help of volunteers and various social programs. Moreover, CJ CheilJedang cooperates with the government of Vietnam for developing farming in rural areas. In a region called Ninh Thuan, one of the least developed provinces in the country where fruits and vegetables are the main produce, CJ CheilJedang is trying to encourage cultivation of red pepper that can be exported from Vietnam, benefitting everyone involved in the project. So far, the initiative has resulted in increasing the average income in the area five times than before and we are looking forward to even better results in the future!

CJ CheilJedang has also implemented a policy aimed at helping small and medium enterprises to find a place on the shelves of the convenience stores. How? The firm tries to discover small and medium manufacturers, then assists them with research and development in order to boost their products. Additionally, it provides resources, marketing and distribution support, allowing the smaller companies to enhance their business and all of their employees to keep their job positions. Another admirable initiative worth mentioning is the so-called “ChanChanChan" project which is designed in a way that helps single parents and their kids to maintain a stable and healthy life. By making two different side dishes and delivering it to over 100 project participants in the early morning, the program alleviates the stress of worrying about their children's meal, so parents can go to work carefree. The activity not only puts a smile on the faces of those family members but also brings joy to the volunteers that prepare the food.

Currently, CJ Group operates abroad in places like China, Japan, various countries in Europe, North and South America, and employs foreigners in its domestic branches. We hope that they would expand even more and show the world what Korea has to offer. Besides that, they also offer various services such as visits to the CJ Blossom Campus Tour, so make sure to check out their website and find out more about their ideas, future plans and strategies!

Author: Adzic Mirjana (

Editor: Margarita Kichukova

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