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Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Are you passionate about traveling? Do you want to know more about Korea and Koreans? "World Reporters" wants you to be a part of its adventures! Moreover, as we, all are students like you, feel free to write in a non-academic style. Don't miss this chance! Apply now!

1. Application guidelines

1) Requirements

  • Foreigners: Students, Graduates, Diplomats in Korea and their families

  • We are looking for talented and fun people who can contribute to the development of the project.

  • If you have any talents (from speaking good Korean to business, cooking or skiing), any ideas (knowledge of hidden travel routes, things to do, activities), please share with us.

2) Application documents: Common Application Form and Action Plan

3) Selection process

  • 1st round: document review

  • 2nd round: selected applicants will be contacted for interview

4) Schedule

  • Documents reception: 2020-02-10 (Mon) ~ 2020-02-26 (Wed) 18:00

  • Interview and Announcement: Individual Contact

  • Orientation: 2020-03-06(Fri)

* The schedule above may be subject to change under certain circumstances

5) How to apply

2. Plan and program

All travel lovers! Welcome to our student initiative on promoting hidden Korean travel spots and intercultural friendship! We are planning to organize Friday trips to different destinations every month.

1) Activity period

  • March ~ June 2020 (4 months)

  • Activities will be held every week on Friday

2) Activity support

① International Student Embassy Office (2 minutes from Noksapyeong Station exit1)

  • 3 study rooms + Living room with kitchen

  • Roof terrace (networking party and special lecture)

② EVENT (Dokdo Travel Plan)

③ Mentors Introduction

  • Sung-Jin Hwang, Head of Social Work Center (CEO of Share & Care) “Head of Foreign Students World Reporters”

3) Benefits of the program

  • Intern recommendation (Excellent students)

Don't miss this chance! Apply now!

After filling out the attached application form send it to the email

Inquiries:, Dereje 010-2693-9011

How do you identify yourself?

1. Passionate for making a change in the world

2. Have a concrete idea.

3. Be trusted to work together as a staff.

4. Have the expertise required for this project.

5. Honest and sincere.

6. Complete everything started without giving up.

7. Be trusted and helped by opinion leaders

* If you fall into three (3) of these categories, Apply Now!

After filling out the attached application form send it to the email

Inquiries:, Dereje 010-2693-9011

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