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Yangjae Flower Market: Korea's Largest Flower Market

Written by : Bon Voyagers

Who does not love flowers right? But today’s post is just not about flowers but a whole wide range of plants. We will be taking you to Seoul’s largest flower market around Yangjae Citizen Forest Station.

Anyone else worried about fine dust, aka 미세먼지? We know we are! And instead of investing in mechanical air purifiers, we decided to opt for passive means of fighting fine dust. Do you know that certain plants purify your indoor air?

If no then this article is going to help you, and just in case you already know the air purifying plants enjoy the pictures.So we went to Yangjae Citizen Forest on one fine and sunny day.

I have to this place quite a few times but this time I went with my friend. And she felt so fresh, breathing freshly made oxygen.I wouldn’t lie this place is one of my happy places. You know the happy feeling when you are in a space like stationery and art supply shop, book shop or even a bakery and you just feel happy and can't stop smiling.

It's almost winter now and the place was filled with beautiful plants and flowers to keep you safe from fine dust. You can walk around freely from shop to shop. All the vendors are polite and humble. Prices of just plants (not the potted plants) are the same almost in every shop there. But prices vary depending on the size and pot of the plant.

We would recommend you buy just plants and straight towards Daiso to buy budget-friendly pots. And secondly, carry cash with you because not all vendors accept credit cards but they do offer you their account number for online money transfer.

This market has two sections, one building is dedicated to plants and potted flowers and the next one is only flowers, roses, carnations, tulips, and many more. But if you are allergic to flower pollen then be prepared for an allergy attack (Yeah, flowers make me sneeze like crazy ㅠㅠ).

The following are the plants that serve as natural air purifiers.

· Aloe Vera

· Snake Plant

· Spider Plant

· English Ivy

· Peace Lilly

And one thing I always buy when I am there is? Any guesses? No? Cactus! Yes, I love these babies. And this market is filled with a variety of cactus. Any cactus lover here? If you haven’t been there then Flower Market should be on your must-visit place.

Once you buy a plant or plants, they will tell you how to take care of the plant, like how to water and when to water, etc.

How to get there:

We highly recommend taking a subway rather than a bus unless 110% sure of the bus routes otherwise you will end up taking the wrong bus. Yangjae Citizen Forest is located on Shinbundang metro line (it doesn’t have a number, it’s the one with bright pink color). Shinbundang line intersects with other lines on the following stations (Choose the one near to your location)

1- Green line #2 at Gangnam Station (it starts from Gangnam)

2- Orange line # 3 at Yanjgae station

3- Suin-Bundang (The yellow one) at Migeum and Jeongja

4- Gyeong gang (The royal blue one, not the navy blue, that’s line # 1)

Written by: Durani Sabeen Mehmood.

Photo credit: Anni Naharin Sultana.

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