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YouTube and Contents creating lesson

Last week, on 20th of February we had a chance to listen to a lecture by Trevor Seo, or better known as 마피디 (Mapidi). He is a successful YouTuber and contents creator.

Our gathering started with lovely lunch provided to us by our mentor Hwang Sungjin. We enjoyed Korean dishes such as Gamjatang (pork back-bone stew), Jjukkumi (spicy stir-fired octopus) and also Naengmyeon (long and thin cold noodles). After eating such a delicious food we went to our office, Foreign Student`s Embassy in Itaewon where the lecture was held.

Traditionally done Power-point presentation, but execution of the lesson and amazing atmosphere really brought special note to this lesson and also helped us memorize the content easier. Mr. Seo first pointed out how YouTube and YouTubers and changing and adjusting to big changes that happen daily. As we all must be aware of, YouTube is already big platform and it is growing bigger and bigger. Almost anything that you can imagine can be found on YouTube: from how to sew your clothes to counseling advices. And it develops more and more every day. In the first part of the lesson we explored more about why do we follow (or in YouTube terms: “subscribe”) certain people? Nowadays it`s not just contents that we subscribe for, picture is much bigger, and we subscribe to our YouTubers persona. To think more into it, there are millions of creators who put out similar contents daily, for example travel vlogging or cooking videos, but we are not following all of them, are we? The persona they are creating, the image they want their channel to have plays the big part in success of one`s number of followers.

Another very important factor that influences one`s success as a YouTuber is indeed WHY? Why do You do it? What`s the reason? What`s the message you want to send? What are you good at? What are you not good at? In order to create a successful contents person needs to know their strong and weak points, their reasoning for doing certain things as well as goals and things that one wants to achieve by doing something. Only by thinking like that and branding yourself in a certain position a person can be sure to make progress and succeed in what they intend to. However, as always, it`s not an easy task, it requires strength, persistence and many hours of sleep sacrificed in order to produce good content. Also, one should be aware that it does not happen overnight. Continuous uploading, building your brand and reputation will definitely pay off. Just like any job, it does take a while, nothing happens overnight.

With these great advices we heard, and those of you who read this, I am sure you can achieve and make your dream true. Whether it is YouTube channel or something else, clear vision and knowing what your inner drive and passion is what can take you far away.

In the end, due to Coronavirus outbreak our closing ceremony is cancelled unfortunately. I hope everybody stays healthy, and that this passes soon.

Author: Adzic Mirjana

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