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Korean language teaching Volunteer Recruitment

Korean Study Club

Do you want to utilize your Korean skill by helping your fellow students from various countries in a fun way? Do you know any different method to teach Korean language in a lot more easier way? Do you know how to make a class interesting? Are you interested to work with the largest international student group in Korea? Then we welcome you at The International Students Embassy.

  • Foreigners: Undergraduate , Graduate students

  • We are looking for dedicated individuals who can teach students with enthusiasm.

  • Talented individuals: We would like to hear your ideas and your unique teaching techniques.

  • People who can communicate both in English and Korean 

  • Application Deadline2021-12-27(Mon) 18:00

  • Interview and Announcement: We would contact you individually through email

  • Orientation: 2022-01-02(Sun)

    * The schedule above may be subject to change under certain circumstances.

Selection process
  • 1st round: Document review 

  • 2nd round: Selected applicants will be contacted for interview

  • Application documents: Common Application Form and Action Plan

How to apply

Language Fellowship

We are a team of international students from all over the world who are committed to help students to improve their Korean language skills through this program. We strive to help students to find a fun and easy way to learn and practice Korean by participating in our diverse and exciting classes and by working together to improve their writing, speaking, reading and listening skills.

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Plan and program

1) Activity period (January to June 2022)

2) Goal

 To create a platform for international students from all over the world, where everyone can develop their knowledge and Korean skill by sharing ideas and helping each other.


3) Study Idea

  • Korean discussion

  • Korean modern culture understanding

  • TOPIK preparation classes

  • Learn Korean while traveling

  • Korean music

  • Interview in Korean

  • Korean Quiz


4) Activity

 Together with your help we want to create fun activities where teachers and students can interact and make teaching and learning Korean easier. from games, content creation, interviews and more ...

Looking for people who are interested in Korea Language Study

  • One class each week for one hour (Through Zoom)

  • Make some fun and interesting project to attract the students.

  • Wants to help other international students

  • Keep the students active and establish strong communication.

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