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International Students

Unique experience


What can we do to spend a fulfilling time in Korea?


Let's have an enjoyable and useful student life in Korea!

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‘Chingu’ is a team created in hopes to share our experiences or information to fellow international students in Korea. I would love to share my experience in a hope that it can be helpful to anyone. Let's find a way together! Let's have an enjoyable and useful student life in Korea.

Language Fellowship

We strive to help students to find a fun and easy way to learn and practice Korean by participating in our diverse and exciting classes and by working together to improve their writing, speaking, reading and listening skills.

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World Reporters

As international students who left our home country for a new environment, we understand that there are many hardships one has to overcome. Therefore, we hope to share a diverse range of information for international students living in Korea. At the same time, we hope to deliver factual and genuine experiences to people who dream of studying in Korea. By being your guide to studying in Korea, we hope to be by your side on your first step!

Embassy of International Students

Studying abroad is a great chance to open the knowledge door, and gain more life-changing experience. However, besides those benefits, there are also some barriers too.  Lacking communication among international student communities and Korean students get themselves in many big problems, especially in daily life and rules and regulation-related troubles. The Embassy of International Students was established in order to solve all the mentioned problems. 

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Project Manager


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Saron, Ethiopia

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Winda, Indonesia


Linh, Vietnam


Minh, Vietnam

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