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Korean Study Club

Level Up Your Korean Skill With Us!

We are a team of international students from all over the world, who are committed to help students to improve their Korean language skills through this program.


We strive to help students to find a fun and easy way to learn and practice Korean by participating in our diverse and exciting classes and by working together to improve their writing, speaking, reading and listening skills.

Online Class Schedule
2023. 01. 02 ~ 06. 30

I will use a great deal of communicating with my students by using printed, visual, audio and video materials of K-drama to have an interactive and fun teaching process. My belief is learning Korean should be fun and easy and the best route for that is K-drama.

* Beginner or Intermediate level of Korean language


Gutema Saron Samue / TOPIK 6

K-Drama & K-POP Study

* Beginner, Intermediate


Bulusu Amrutha Lakshml / TOPIK 5

K-Drama & K-POP Study

* Beginner, Intermediate


Margarita / TOPIK 6

K-Drama & K-POP Study

* Beginner, Intermediate


The test consists of mostly multiple-choice questions; however, the TOPIK II level writing examination will require a short-answer. TOPIK I consists of multiple-choice questions for listening (40 minutes long with 30 questions) and reading (60 minutes long with 40 questions). Both examination areas are worth a score of 100 with a combining score of 200. TOPIK II has two slots. The first slot is the listening examination (60 minutes long with 50 questions) and writing (50 minutes long with 4 short-answer questions). The second slot is for the reading examination (70 minutes long with 50 questions). All three examinations of TOPIK II are worth a score of 100 with a combining score of 300.

* Students who have passed the TOPIK exam at least once.

Alexandra Yakimenko .jpg

Alexandra Yakimenko / TOPIK 5

"Secret to Passing TOPIK"

* Beginner, Intermediate


Muniat Jeba Fowziyah / TOPIK 5

"TOPIK: Vocabulary and Expressions (Writing)"

* Intermediate, Advanced


Trumova Aibota / TOPIK 6

"Words and ways to solve"

* for students who have taken TOPIK II at least once

Biniyam Aschalew.jpg

Biniyam Aschalew / TOPIK 6

"TOPIK: Intermediate Writing and Reading"

* Intermediate

Thon Rith Siyvi.jpg

Thon Rith Sivyi / TOPIK 6

"TOPIK: Advanced Reading"

* Advanced

Usman 1.jpg

Abduraimov Usmanjon / TOPIK 6

"Beginner Reading and wriying"

* Beginner


Are you confident in your Korean speaking skills? Want to speak, but afraid of making mistakes? Do you want to make new friends and practice your Korean while speaking freely? If so, join our discussion team! We are holding a class that you can share your opinions in Korean on various topics. We welcome everyone who is interested in discussing in Korean!

* Students who are able to debate in Korean.

Erdenbolor 1_edited.jpg

Erdenebolor / TOPIK 6

"Korean culture using discussion"

* Those who can discuss in Korean​

Ganbaatar Oyunmyagmar.jpg

Ganbaatar Oyunmyagmar / TOPIK 6

"Daily Life Discussion"

* Those who can discuss in Korean​

Twice a week (online+ offline)

Offline event opportunities

Free Talking

누구나 쉽게 즐길 수 있는 한국어!

한국어를 잘하기 위해서는 원어민과 최대한 많이 말할 수 있는 기회를 가져야 합니다. 원어민과 친구처럼 자유롭게 이야기하며 한국어 실력을 늘려보세요. 또한 더 쉽고 재미있게 한국어를 가르치는 방법과 수업을 흥미롭게 만드는 방법은 무엇일까요? 당신의 경험과 아이디어를 공유해주세요. 

* 한국어에 관심있는 누구나 신청가능

제목 없는 디자인 (8)_edited.png
제목 없는 디자인 (9)_edited.png

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