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3 Godly K-dramas of 2022; Personally-ranked

You probably have been engulfed by boredom and dullness of quarantine; so, you start to ponder how to spend your days with some wee spice and excitement. Or, maybe you just want to read a book but you don't have the enthusiasm to flip pages. In that case, this blog might be of mighty help for your problem.

Below lies the K-dramas I have watched which are absolutely binge-worthy:

1. My Liberation Notes

This series revolves around the rural-residing siblings of three. They experienced mental hardships by coping to the fast-paced stream of Seoul. The first-born worries that as she's growing older, the difficulty of stabilizing her romantic life is soaring higher. The second one clashes with the conflict of social strata evident in his workplace and the world where he moves. While, the last daughter is quite out-of-the-ordinary; for me, she is a nihilist. And somehow similar to the first child, she tries to find someone who can worship her— not love. All in all, people may assess this drama as boring and slow-paced. But if you look deeper into its philosophy and how realistic the storyline had become, it goes beyond the 10/10 rating.

2. All Of Us Are Dead

This may be a popular one— and is deserving of such— as many viewers perceive it as thrilling sci-fi story. On the other hand, for me, I am more enthralled by the subtle idealistic morals and principles of the characters— especially the pharmacologist-professor. More than the conflicting zombie predicament, I find truly interesting is how the virus has been created in hopes of establishing equality between the strong and oppressed. The political struggles also bring intensity to the plot, especially the stringent containment of the infected and suspected. In general, you will just be head over heels for this amazing, speculative series.

3. Business Proposal

This may not be the best K-drama series out there, but if you were to look for light-hearted, comedic slice of life story— this one is for you. It follows the life of Shin Ha-ri who had been set up on a blind date by her bestfriend. Little did she know, it's her company's president whom she should meet, and eventually turn him down. The entanglement of her and the boss made her life far from its initial state. She constantly tries evasive strategy to avoid attracting the president's attention. But life doesn't work the way we want it, her guise has been thrown off— she is discovered, hence. The catch will be how her peaceful life will change due to her encounter with her boss. The side story of her bestfriend's love interest is also a matter to witness here. When you're downcast or heavy-spirited, you can watch this show to lift your mood up.

The series above display multiple realities of life in their own unique, interesting ways. So, if you desire to do something fun yet enlightening activities, binge-watching these K-dramas is a good option. Just always try to read between the lines and connect the dots to maximize your leisure experience.


Written By: Calixto III Del Rosario

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erdenebolor B
erdenebolor B
Sep 04, 2022

3개 다 봤는데 다 재미있어요~


Kunzank D
Kunzank D
Aug 24, 2022

Added these on my list of k-drama bucket, beautiful blog.

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