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"BTS Yet To Come in Busan"

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

On October 15th, BTS will be holding a concert at BUSAN. The ticket can be purchased through the Interpark korean or Interpark global site. Offline ticket for general sale have opened on 19th of September at 20:00 KST. There will be no fees for purchasing the ticket however you might need to pay the delivery fee to receive the ticket.

How to Register at Interpark website

You need to sign up on interpark website for purchasing the ticket ( . If you have Naver/ Kakao you can log in through it. Then go to the ticket section and Search the keyword "BTS Yet to come in Busan".

If you are using the Korean site, then you'll see an interface like mentioned above. The first one is the for offline concert ticket purchasing and second one is for the liveplay. The live play ticket will open on 23rd of September at 20:00 (for fanclub members) and 30th of September at 20:00 for general sale. If you have Disney plus subscription you might also can enjoy the livestem of the concert.

How to Purchase Ticket

After you enter the ticket page, then you need to click the red button called "예매하기". If you want to continue with the English version then you can click on the Booking.

When the ticket opens, a lot of person tries to enter the website at the same time. So the website allows a minimum number of users and put rest of them into a waiting list. During the waiting list if you refresh your screen you'll lose your current waiting number, keep that in mind.

For BTS concert, only one person can purchase one ticket with his/her real name and while entering the stadium, you must present your real id card.

One more thing to mention, after you book a seat, you'll be getting on three minutes to pay for your tickets (which is actually the delivery fee). Be sure to add your address on the account before purchasing the ticket. During payment, I recommend you to open an online banking account either kakao pay/ KB pay or sth else. Bank transfer were blocked for BTS concert. And i saw the there was't any option to enter the credit/ check card number manually.

The concert will be held in front of 100,000 people at 부산 아시아드 주경기장 and the liveplay will also be held in front of 10,000 people at 부산항 국제여객터미널 야외주차장.


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Kunzank D
Kunzank D
Oct 05, 2022

Would give up anything to attend this. #ISOWISH💜


I wish I could go :((


khadija Naveed
khadija Naveed
Sep 21, 2022


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