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Calming Kpop Songs To Add To Your Playlist

Imagine yourself basking in the warm, gentle rays of an afternoon sun when it sprays yellow-orange hues. Birds tweetings and hummings fill your surrounding while if you sniff, woodsy fragrance wafted through the air. And as you sip your juice that is made from freshly-picked fruits with the cold ice clanking on the glass's wall, you start to think of what music should you play. Maybe, some ballads? Or pop? Or if you want, metallic rock?

If you still ended up with nothing in mind, this blog is for you. Listed below are the Kpop songs that are suited and befitting to your afternoon relaxation:

1."Stay" by Blackpink

This is acoustic in nature, where the sound of guitar just gives off a soothing effect to the song. In addition, the whole theme and message of this craft just sparks some thoughts in your mind that you might wish to ponder during your "spacing outs."

2. "Goodbye Road" by iKon

This is highly emotional for fans since it's the last song that Hanbin has appeared with iKon. To add, it just circulates on the pain associated with the word "goodbye." With that, the song is made slow to appear sentimental.

3. "Way Back Home" by Shaun (feat. Conor Maynard)

This song is somehow upbeat, but still a good choice. The calming tempo and beat conjures a calming picture in every listeners head. You might also find yourself tapping your feet on the floor in tune with the song.

4. "Don't Wanna Cry" by Seventeen

As the title implies, this is about wallowing in sorrow for severed relationships. The musicality is without a doubt alluring, especially how the emotion has been conveyed through it. More importantly, the lyrics expressed all the pent-up feelings of longing making the song appear genuine and relatable.

5. "Life Goes On" by BTS

This song of BTS had been made in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic. Having said that, the song writers were inspired of how dull and stagnant life had been during that moment— when all just seem to cease from functioning. But in hindsight, one day everything will just go on as it was supposed to be.

Those are some songs that you might have been looking for to fill in some gaps in your playlist. Do know, that just like an echo in the forest and an arrow in the blue sky, we'll return to where we really belong. So take a rest just as you wanted to for so long and deeply breathe before the deep plunge.


Written By: Calixto III Del Rosario

Layout By: Calixto III Del Rosario

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1 Comment

Kunzank D
Kunzank D
Aug 24, 2022

These are really good recommendations.

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